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今年萬聖節扮什麼?大數據幫你推薦了10種選擇2 / 作者:酒店經紀 / 文章子ID:18019

1. Pennywise from It

《小丑回魂》: Pennywise

今年萬聖節扮什麼?大數據幫你推薦了10種選擇5 / 作者:酒店經紀 / 文章子ID:18019

Stephen King's 1986 novel, It, has been catapulted into the limelight once again following the recent release of director Andy Muschietti's chilling adaptation. According to Pinterest, the number of users 'saving' clown make-up and costume ideas is up 941% year-on-year, with Lyst witnessing an increase in searches for exaggerated ruffled shoulder shirts and white gloves, as well as a 14% increase in searches for lace up pom-pom sneakers in the last month. All this points towards the idea that King's protagonist, Pennywise, is likely to be an extremely popular costume this Halloween.


2. A Stranger Things character


今年萬聖節扮什麼?大數據幫你推薦了10種選擇27 / 作者:酒店經紀 / 文章子ID:18019

The launch of series two of Stranger Things has been strategically timed to coincide with Halloween this year, meaning that the show remains at the forefront of the costume queen's psyche.


Pinterest saves for Stranger Things are reportedly up forty times, while Lyst data indicates that searches for trucker caps and 1980s printed t-shirts (like those worn by the male characters) are also up. Could this mean more people will be dressing up as Mike, Dustin and Lucas as well as Eleven this Halloween?


3. Belle from Beauty and the Beast

《美女與野獸》: 貝兒

今年萬聖節扮什麼?大數據幫你推薦了10種選擇13 / 作者:酒店經紀 / 文章子ID:18019

The combination of La La Land, starring Emma Stone, and Beauty and the Beast, in which Emma 麗緻atson plays Belle, has meant that searches for yellow dresses have soared this year. Lyst has reported a leap in search traffic for yellow tiered gowns (like that worn by 麗緻atson in Disney's adaption) this summer - around the same time teenage girls across the pond start scouring the web for prom dresses. If you did invest in a lemon, saffron or buttercup frock, re-wearing it for Halloween would be a savvy way to save on your costume.


4. A giraffe


今年萬聖節扮什麼?大數據幫你推薦了10種選擇39 / 作者:酒店經紀 / 文章子ID:18019

Move over creepy (read: sexy) cat, lion, or other animal with whiskers; there is apparently a new king of the jungle. Giraffes are apparently set to be one of this year's most popular Halloween costumes. Pinterest saves for giraffe makeup and costume images are up nearly 1200% on this time last year, with Lyst also reporting a 27% increase in searches for 'giraffe print' since last June.


5. 麗緻onder 麗緻oman


今年萬聖節扮什麼?大數據幫你推薦了10種選擇68 / 作者:酒店經紀 / 文章子ID:18019

Perfectly embodying the strong/sexy aesthetic du jour, it's unsurprising that 麗緻onder 麗緻oman remains a popular costume choice for Halloween. Add to that the fact that the mesmeric Gal Gadot played the female heroin in 麗緻arner Brother's 麗緻onder 麗緻oman movie earlier this year, and you can bet you'll spot a red corset or two out and about on October 31st.


Lyst has reported a 115% increase in searches for 'red corset' year-on-year, with sales of chunky gold cuffs, like those worn by the bomb-shell-cum-super-hero, up 15% since June. And Pinterest's findings support this, with 230,000 麗緻onder 麗緻oman costume ideas currently saved on the app.


6. A Game of Thrones character


今年萬聖節扮什麼?大數據幫你推薦了10種選擇93 / 作者:酒店經紀 / 文章子ID:18019

Game of Thrones has been the subject of many excitable conversations and Instagram memes of late, and it seems the show, which just concluded its penultimate series, is having a marked effect on our wardrobes too.


Daenerys Targaryen, the character played by Emilia Clarke who is usually in a Grecian-esque gown, is likely to be at least partially responsible for the 30% year-on-year increase in searches for this style of dress as reported by Lyst. Pinterest too, had witnessed a spike, with saved images of the Khaleesi up 91% every year.


Not rugged enough for you? Kit Harrington's character, King of the North Jon Snow, is also set to be a popular choice for Halloween this year, with Pinterest saves up 280% year-on-year, and Lyst's witnessing of around 4000 searches a day for black and grey fur stoles.


今年萬聖節扮什麼?大數據幫你推薦了10種選擇22 / 作者:酒店經紀 / 文章子ID:18019

7. A Baywatch babe


今年萬聖節扮什麼?大數據幫你推薦了10種選擇76 / 作者:酒店經紀 / 文章子ID:18019

Baywatch has witnessed a revival thanks to the new movie starring Dwayne Johnson, Zac Effron and Alexandra Anna Daddario which hit cinemas earlier this year. As a result, Pinterest has witnessed a 147% increase in related costume ideas from last year. Lyst has also seen a knock on effect from the Seth Gordon-directed film, with global searches for red one-pieces up 240% this summer.


8. A hippie


今年萬聖節扮什麼?大數據幫你推薦了10種選擇41 / 作者:酒店經紀 / 文章子ID:18019

Popularity for jazzy flares and colorful sunglasses, as seen on catwalks, street style stars and celebrities alike this, shows no signs of waning. The 60s hippie spirit is here to stay, and apparently it could provide the premise for many a Halloween costume.


Searches via Lyst for printed flared trousers are up 150% since June, with flower crowns and quirky round sunglasses repeatedly selling out. Pinterest has seen a similar pattern, with saves for hippie outfit ideas up 130% each year.


9. A unicorn


今年萬聖節扮什麼?大數據幫你推薦了10種選擇9 / 作者:酒店經紀 / 文章子ID:18019

Thought a glittery, rainbow-hued unicorn outfit was the preserve of festival-goers? Think again.


Lyst has reported a 130% increase in searches of 'unicorn' since May, and saved pins on Pinterest are also up 110% year-on-year, with clicks for unicorn headbands apparently proliferating globally.


10. A mermaid


今年萬聖節扮什麼?大數據幫你推薦了10種選擇72 / 作者:酒店經紀 / 文章子ID:18019

This just in: sexy sea siren looks are trending. Apparently mermaids have triggered more than 1.4 million saves on Pinterest and 'mermaid leggings' have racked up an impressive 8,000 searches a month globally on Lyst since July.


So, whether you're a perpetual fan of Disney's red haired heroin Ariel, or just fancy using Halloween as an excuse to slink around in a sequin dress for the evening: don't rule out dressing up as a mermaid just yet.


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